The goal of these rules is to encourage clean, respectful racing with consistent expectations for all drivers. Failure to follow these rules or commit an act considered detrimental to the GTRL/ASRX community may result in an in-race penalty (pass through, stop/go, end of the longest line, held in pits), a post-race penalty, infraction, or a suspension.

  1. The race schedule is posted on the website.
  2. The race director shall inform drivers of any rule changes for that race before the warm-up session.
  3. Please arrive no later than 15 minutes before the scheduled race time.
  1. Drivers will use their real name or something that looks like a real name.
  2. Drivers must be on Teamspeak for practice and the race.
  3. Drivers should keep chat and TeamSpeak use to a minimum during green flag racing.
  4. Personal attacks will NOT be tolerated. Register a complaint with the race director rather than chewing out a driver on Teamspeak.
  1. The servers are available for practice whenever possible. Official race-day practice starts 60 minutes before the scheduled race time.
  2. Drivers shall obey all pit entrance and exit rules during the practice/warm-up session (ex: exit on the back-stretch).
  1. Chatting and Teamspeak are not permitted during the qualifying session.
  2. If a driver wishes to start at the back, they should hit the "ESC" key and abort the qualifying run. Please do not go backwards down the pit lane in an attempt to get a DQ.
Start and Restarts
  1. All restarts are double-file using the following order:
    • Lead lap cars
    • Lap down cars
    • Lucky Dog
    • Wave-around cars
    • Cars serving a longest line penalty
  2. The leader has the option of starting high or low. Positions 3rd on back shall line up odd on the inside and even on the outside.
  3. The leader shall stay within 5 mph of pace speed until the green flag waves.
  4. The second place car may not be in front of the leader when the green flag waves, but he may beat the leader to the start/finish line.
  5. Drivers may not lag behind the car in front of them (a gap of more than .3s is too much).
  6. Drivers shall not attempt to pass entering turn 1 on a restart. This rule is not in effect when there are 10 or fewer laps remaining.
  7. Drivers may not change their line or lane until reaching the start/finish line.

    : When breaking any of the above restart rules, the driver can give back the positions gained. If this does not happen, the driver will be penalized at the end of the race losing at least the number of positions\points gained on the offending restart.
Entering and Exiting Pits
  1. When pitting under green flag conditions and other cars are behind them (about 1s or less), drivers should announce their intention on TeamSpeak.
  2. Drivers may enter pit road off turn 3 or turn 4 unless the race director states otherwise in the pre-race meeting.
  3. When exiting the pits, re-enter the track on the back-stretch. Do not enter the track prior to the exit of turn 2. There are some tracks exempt from this rule (Daytona, Talladega, Pocono) that the race director will cover in the driver's meeting.
Pit Road
  1. Cars must enter pit road in single file under caution.
  2. Stay to the right on pit lane until entering your pit box
  3. Drivers may not pass through more than 3 pit boxes (entry or exit - some leeway permitted for safe exits if the pit lane is full).

Penalty: Pass-through pits under green or restart at the tail-end of the longest line if under yellow.
Failure to serve the penalty will result in a post-race finishing position penalty equal to the number of spots gained during the pit stop in question.

  1. Do NOT attempt to race back to the line unless the white flag has been shown. The field is automatically frozen under caution. 
  2. When involved in an incident, do NOT pass cars to catch the car highlighted in yellow. Hold the position you acquired once regaining pace speed.
  3. Maintain pace speed unless damaged.
  4. Please stagger alternating high and low while under caution. Note your position before lining up double-file.
  5. Only lead lap cars should pit the first time by unless the race director has announced a quickie-caution.
Wrecks/Contact/Causing a Caution
  1. If you are the cause of a caution, take a pit road speeding penalty in order to be placed at the tail end of the longest line (EOLL). Use chat and/or Teamspeak to notify the race director that you are taking responsibility for a caution. In the post-race review, a car found responsible for the cause of a caution that did not take the EOLL penalty may be penalized up to the number of spots they gained when failing to take the EOLL. A driver who forgets to take an EOLL penalty can drop to the back under green or take the EOLL during the next caution.
  2. Drivers with no stars or a question mark in the race viewer will be asked to park if they cause a caution before the end of the first tire/fuel run. After reaching the first scheduled pit stop, these drivers are afforded two cautions like everyone else.
  3. If you are the cause of 2 cautions, please park your car.
  4. Causing a caution that results in a race restart counts toward that driver's permissible number of cautions for the race.
  5. Infractions will be assigned for:
    • Wrecking another vehicle on the last lap when the caution would have otherwise flown
    • A non-caution incident in which another vehicle sustains visible damage that affects performance
    • Avoidable contact under caution
Lucky Dog
  1. As soon as the Sim lists the lucky dog, the lucky dog should pass the field on the outside. All other drivers need to stay low.
  2. The lucky dog may pit the second time by with the lap-down cars.
  3. If you cause the caution and receive the lucky dog, you may not pass the field. There will be no lucky dog in this situation.
  4. The lucky dog is available for the entire race.
Eligibility: Any car that is one or more laps down, has not pitted under the caution, and is positioned between the pace car and the leader with one lap to go under caution is eligible to receive a wave-around.
Procedure: With one-to-go, the admin will instruct the wave-around eligible cars to pass the pace car and catch the field.
  1. There is to be no blocking. Holding your race line is not considered blocking. Blocking is moving left or right to cut-off a car trying to make a pass.
  2. When racing another vehicle, follow the same racing line throughout the corner. Contact that occurs when changing lanes while racing another vehicle will be the fault of the driver who did not hold their racing line.
  3. A maximum of three Green/White/Checker restarts will be attempted. If a caution occurs on the third GWC, the field will be frozen.
Tire Limits
When a tire limit is in place, the penalty for taking more tires than permitted is a finishing position no higher than any driver who followed the tire limit rule and finished on the same lap. Drivers may change tires on the side with a flat at no charge if the flat was the result of contact that was not their fault.
Post Race
Complaints/Protests are to be made within 24 hours of the checkered flag. If a protest is made by the party found to be at fault, the fine may be doubled. Please submit lap info and cars involved to the race director via email or private message.