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ASRX is a Stock Car Sim with ARCA, Truck, Grand National, Gen6 and Gen7 Cup vehicles.
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Frequently Asked Questions...

What is The Sim Factory?
What is ARCA Sim Racing 08 (ARCA08)?
What is the XPatch (ASRX or TSF Trucks)?
What is ARCASimRacingX.com?
How do I get started with ARCA Sim Racing (ASRX)?
What vehicle models are available?
What tracks are available?
What skins are available?
How do I turn on/off spotter features?
How do I turn on/off mirror options?
Why don't the tire temperatures and wear change as I race?
How do I change my driver name?

What vehicle models are available?
The ARCA cars have approximately 700hp in the "twisted sister" stock car body. The Truck, Grand National, and Cup cars all vary according to their intent to simulate each NASCAR series. The trucks have less horsepower and the most aerodynamic drag. The Grand National car has similar horsepower to the truck, but has less drag and a lower center of gravity. The Cup car has more horsepower than the other vehicles and has much less downforce. The Cup car uses tires with faster grip loss. Truck bodies are laser scanned Silverados while the Cup car uses a model from Stock Car Evolution (SCE).

What tracks are available?
The Sim Factory created the following tracks for ARCA08:
ARCA Mountain, Berlin, Charlotte, Chicago, Daytona, Daytona Road Course, Duquoin, Texas, Gateway, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, Milwaukee, Montreal, Nashville, New Jersey, Pocono, Rockingham, Salem, San Jose, Talladega, Toledo, USA International

Tracks ported from rFactor include:
Atlanta, Bristol, California, Darlington, Dover, Homestead, New Hampshire, Indianapolis, Las Vegas, Mansfield, Martinsville, Memphis, ORP, Phoenix, Richmond, Sonoma, Watkins Glen

It is possible to run the complete Sprint Cup schedule.

What skins are available?
ARCA08 shipped with skins to mimic the 2008 ARCA racing season. ASRX contains default cars for numbers #00 through #100. Most leagues make available custom skins through the Launcher. You can create your own skins using provided templates and upload them using the Skin Uploader.

How do I turn on/off spotter features?
Map these commands to use the following features:

  • EXT Up => Your lap times
  • EXT Down => Leader lap times
  • EXT Left => Car ahead lap times
  • EXT Right => Car behind lap times
  • EXT Select => Set/Clear pit stall location

How do I turn on/off mirror options?
Use the 'Options' screen in the ASRX Launcher to enable 'virtual miirors in cockpit' and to control what you see of your 'self in rearview'. To turn mirrors on/off, map a key to 'Toggle Mirror'.

Why don't the tire temperatures and wear change as I race?
During qualifying and race sessions, the tire temperatures and wear are not shown in real-time. You can get a tire temperature reading during those sessions only after changing tires. After a tire change, the graphic shows the wear and temperature of the tires when they were removed from the vehicle.

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