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ASRX is a Stock Car Sim with ARCA, Truck, Grand National, Gen6 and Gen7 Cup vehicles.
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Getting Started with ARCA Sim Racing X

Getting Started...

Installation Instructions

  1. Download and unzip to an empty folder directly under C:\ (recommend C:\ASRX)
  2. Run 'ASRX Launcher'. Select the desired race in the event list and click 'Launch'
  3. A list of items that need to be downloaded will be displayed. Click 'Yes'. (You can download everything by launching with '[Local]' selected.)
  4. After the downloads are complete, the sim will start and ask for a profile name (use your real name!). Exit the sim.
  5. In the Launcher, use the Options dialog to select the profile you created and click "Reset Profile Defaults" to start with default settings. (Alternate: You may also copy settings from a previous installation by overlaying the UserData folder and the ARCAConfig.ini file.)
  6. Select the desired event and click 'Launch'.
  7. Skins can be uploaded using the Skin Uploader.

Hardware / Software Requirements
ASRX can be run on modest modern PC hardware. The minimum suggested architecture is an Intel Core Duo processor paired with an NVIDIA 8800 GT video card. To run the sim at maximum capability, a good combination would be an Intel i5 processor with an NVIDIA GTX260 video card. The sim runs on Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11 with DirectX 9c.

A wheel and pedal set is required to race.  The most popular wheels/pedals are made by Logitech, Thomas Superwheel, Thrustmaster, ECCI, and Fanatec.

Community Requirements
- TeamSpeak 3 is used for verbal communication. Drivers are required to be on TeamSpeak during a race so they can communicate with the race admin.
- Please use your real name in the sim and on TeamSpeak. Be accountable for your actions on track and build your reputation.
- Please do not expect to race if you show up with less than 15 minutes to go before the posted start time.


  • "d3d9.dll missing" error: Newer versions of Windows do not include DirectX 9c. Download and install DirectX End-User Runtimes. See Microsoft for more information.
  • "WCCARBODY" error when loading a Cup car: Go to 'Options' in the Launcher, select 'Video Settings..." and make sure the shader level is set to DX9
  • TeamSpeak stops working when running the sim: Find the TeamSpeak executable and configure it to "Run as Admin"
  • TeamSpeak does not start from the ASRX Launcher: Reset the open command for ts3server in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\ts3server\shell\open\command\
  • Unable to assign wheel or pedals: ASRX supports only the first three game controllers. Refer to this discussion of how to manage the game controller order.

Server Installation
To setup a race server, download the server installation package. The package contains the same ASRX Launcher used by drivers in addition to the server executable. The ASRX Launcher will download only those components needed for a server (no UI, no car files, etc.). Use the ASRX Launcher to download all items and then configure the server by following the instructions in the ReadMe file. Please do not add .VEH files to the server as that will cause drivers without the custom skins to receive mismatches.

If you would like your races to appear in the ASRX Launcher, contact the ASRX admin (admin@arcasimracingx.com) for a league manager account.

January 2016 Launcher Updates




Truck 2023




Pit Board



Pit Box

Rims (ARCA, GNS, Cup)

Rims (Truck)


All skins should be saved as 2048x2048 DDS files. Use the options displayed in the image below for Photoshop export settings. Use the DDS export plugin from NVIDIA

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Need Help? Email Admin at admin@arcasimracingx.com