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Fixed Setups with Adjustments

Fixed Setups with Adjustments
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The article describes how to setup and participate in a race with fixed setups that permits changes on pit road.  For some time, we have sought the ability to start a race with a fixed setup, but then allow changes on pit road.  This should be fun and slightly different from the existing 'Open' or 'Fixed' setup racing because it puts everyone on the same playing field while still allowing drivers to adjust to track conditions and their driving style.  In ARCA, we can change tape, wedge, air pressure, track bar, and spring rubbers on pit road.

Here are the basics:  The server is set to allow 'Open' setups.  The race admin uploads a reference setup for a race.  All drivers in the race use the 'Setup Sender' plugin to have their setups uploaded and verified using the 'Setup Viewer'.  Each driver's setup is compared to the reference setup for compliance.  Drivers and admins can use the 'Setup Viewer' to see that everyone is using the same setup.

The ASRX web site has been updated with some new icons:
Fixed Setups
Open Setups
Fixed Setups with Adjustments (hover over icon to see race ID)
No password needed to join server

League Admins
  • Race server must be running Hotlaps
  • A race series must be defined on arcasimracingx.com that includes your hotlaps address and port
  Configure a 'Fixed Setup with Adjustments' Race
  • Add a series or individual race at arcasimracingx.com with the option to use 'Fixed Setups with Adjustments'
  • Upload the setup that you want used for the race.  Once uploaded, you will be able to view the setup using the View Reference Setup link
  • Note the race ID shown in bold.  Your drivers will need this number.
  Race Procedure
  • Run the Setup Viewer with the 'Flush setups' option checked.  Only one person (the admin) should have this option checked.  All drivers have to re-send their setups every time the setups are flushed.  With the option selected, setups are flushed whenever the session changes.
  • Review the setup status of each driver
  • Recommendations: 
    • Require that all drivers have a green check mark before proceeding to qualifying
    • Drivers should not get in their car until the admin sees that the Setup Viewer has refreshed. Otherwise, their setup may get flushed and they will have an unknown setup status.
    • DQ any driver with a non-compliant setup or an untimed second lap during qualifying
    • Allow a single race restart for any drivers that cannot get a green check mark before rolling off pit road
  Participating in a 'Fixed Setup with Adjustments' Race
  • Your race admin will provide a race ID.  When you join the the race server, remove any notes in the currently loaded setup and type in the race ID.  You do not need to save the setup.
  • Get in the car (click 'Race').  When in the practice session, you should hear this sound.
  • Get out of the car and go to the root setup folder (scroll all the way to the top and click on '..').  You will see a setup with the name of the track you are running.  This is the fixed setup provided for this race.  Load the setup.  It should also contain the race ID in the note.
  • After loading the setup, get back in the car and you should hear this sound indicating that your setup matches.
  • Every time you get in the car, your setup will be compared to the reference setup.  If your setup does not match during the qualifying or race session, you will hear this sound.  At that point, you need to get out of the car and load the correct setup.
  'Setup Sender' Plugin Details
  • Only your most recent setup is stored for review
  • There is a manual mode option that prevents setups from being uploaded.  This is useful for times when you are working on a setup and you don't want it to be uploaded.  To enable manual mode, open SetupSenderPlugin.ini (found in the same folder as ARCA.exe)  in notepad and edit the following line:
    You can also configure the keystroke combination for use when manually uploading files by changing ManualSendKey=Z
  • With manual mode enabled, you will need to use CTRL+SHIFT+Z while in the car to upload the setup.  Once you turn on the plugin, it will keep sending setups until you close the game.  You do not need to turn it on again.  Sending the setups for the rest of the session is required in order to prevent cheating.
Viewing Setup Compliance
  The Setup Viewer displays the compliance status of each driver
  • The home page at arcasimracingx.com shows a live race viewer for each race a few hours before the race is scheduled to begin.  At the bottom of the race viewer is a link for 'Setups' that will display the Setup Viewer.  Admins can also get a direct link to the setup viewer for a race from the schedule editor.
  • The setup viewer displays the following icons:
    Setup compliance is unknown. Either no setup has been received from the driver or no reference setup exists.
    Setup is compliant
    Setup is not compliant.  In qualifying or race sessions, the non-compliant changes to the setup will be displayed.

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