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ASRX is a Stock Car Sim with ARCA, Truck, Grand National, Gen6 and Gen7 Cup vehicles.
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Changing Your Driver Name

Use these instructions to change your driver name without having to create a new profile (which is another option).

1. Use Windows Explorer to rename your Userdata folder and the PLR file. Here is an example for a driver changing his name from "Fast Dude" to "Cole Trickle":

C:\ASRX\UserData\Fast Dude
C:\ASRX\UserData\Fast Dude\Fast Dude.PLR

C:\ASRX\UserData\Cole Trickle
C:\ASRX\UserData\Cole Trickle\Cole Trickle.PLR

2. The next time you start the ASRX Launcher, go to 'Options' and make sure your name is selected as the profile.

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